Why Dr. Klein

Dr. Klein is an experienced fellowship-trained LASIK and cornea surgeon. But that’s not why you should see him.  You should see him because he does so much more. 

When you see a surgeon who performs LASIK, but who does not perform other types of surgery, do not be surprised if that doctor offers you LASIK.  A doctor who is not experienced with multi-focal refractive lens exchange implants or phakic intra-ocular lenses (among other choices) will not offer you these options, even if, in the end, you might be a better candidate for one of these.  There is a suitable expression to describe such doctors: “When you are holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” 

Dr. Klein performs and specializes in a number of techniques to minimize or eliminate the use of glasses, contact lenses and bifocals.  He will offer you the best choice for you, which sometimes is not LASIK.  

Dr. Klein is devoted to his patients.  He will sit with you and explain all aspects of your condition and how surgery might benefit you.  He will detail the benefits, risks and alternatives of any treatment plan.  You will have as much time as you need to ask as many questions as you may have, and you will never feel rushed.  If you choose Dr. Klein for your refractive surgery (such as LASIK or PRK), he will give you his cell phone number so you may call anytime you have a question.  How many other doctors do that?



To see how Dr. Klein can help you, please call us at either of our convenient offices or sign-up online for a free evaluation today


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